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Real-Time Beat Tracking Templates for IEEE Signal Processing Cup 2017

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MATLAB and Simulink examples to prototype beat tracking algorithms in real-time for SP Cup 2017

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This collection of examples is intended to help IEEE SP Cup 2017 participants prototype their beat-tracking algorithms in real-time using MATLAB.
The three approaches proposed include real-time streaming directly in MATLAB, generating a VST plugin from MATLAB code, and running on a Raspberry Pi board by using MATLAB code within a Simulink model. An example is included for each of the three workflows.
All examples provided can be used as templates to quickly prototype new beat-tracking ideas. In their present form, all files use a trivial high-latency beat detection algorithm based on finding the peaks of an all-positive version of the input signal. Depending on the particular example, the detected beats are returned as either MATLAB arrays (format required by the competition), numeric .txt files, or click sounds mixed onto the original signal.

To use this material please refer to the ReadMe.txt file included in the archive.
For more resources on using MATLAB and Simulink for SP Cup 2017, visit

For all the details on the SP Cup 2017, visit


Gabriele Bunkheila (2022). Real-Time Beat Tracking Templates for IEEE Signal Processing Cup 2017 (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. 取得済み .

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