Parametrize Calcium Signals

Characterize transient calcium signals
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更新 2020/11/13


Automated characteriztion of single and multi-peaked transient calcium responses from time series data. Signals are decomposed into drift and response components and the entirety of the signal is reconstructed using a mathematical model of a transient response and drift. Measures time of onset, activation time (10% to 90% of total amplitude),amplitude of response, full width at half maximum, decay time constant. For oscillatory multipeaked responses the algorithm attempts to separate coherent oscillations from completely stochastic ones and for the full set oscillations as well as the coherent subset reports the number of oscillations, period of oscillation (averaged), standard deviation of the period, magnitude (averaged), full width half maximum (averaged), duty cycle (averaged), and the length of oscillatory persistence.
Signals can be stored in an excel sheet, and the whole document can be processed with the command:


Laurent MacKay (2024). Parametrize Calcium Signals (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. 取得済み .

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作成: R2016a
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Added toolbox dependencies


-Fixed variable declaration issue with den8 in TVRegSpikeRemove
-Fixed some ambiguities with error messages saying 'not enough drift'.


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