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PCG_unwrap_2D(ph_ni​i, ph_file, mask_nii, max_iter, epsi_con, N)

version 1.0 (8.42 KB) by Barbara Dymerska
2D weighted Laplace unwrapping with preconditioned conjugate gradient algorithm

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Updated 14 Jun 2016

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This phase unwrapping algorithm is based on the theory and c++ code from: "Two-Dimensional Phase Unwrapping, Theory, Algorithms, and Software" written by Dennis C. Ghiglia and Mark D. Pritt
This program uses weighted least-squares phase unwrapping technique (i.e. weighted Laplace unwrapping) with a solution using iterative algorithm, namely preconditioned conjugate gradient (PCG).
In order to get rid of the residual phase ambiguities after unwrapping process (which occur for all least-squares approaches) a congruence operation is applied.

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