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Toolbox for importing data saved by IDQ time tag board and included software
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更新 2016/3/18


IDQLAB contains functions that import data saved by the IDQtdc windows
program. These scripts were tested using an ID801 time to digital
The most useful and non-trivial part of these scripts is the ability to
compress time-tag data into a more manageable file size. The
compression is lossless and reduces the file size by a factor of 10 to
15. This compression is provided via the dzip and dunzip functions
(Mathworks File ID: #8899).

The files aren't perfectly commented yet, but I thought I would post
them anyways. As always, use at your own risk!

Todd Karin


Todd Karin (2024). idqlab (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. 取得済み .

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