SEHR-ECHO v1.0: a Spatially Explicit Hydrologic Response model for ecohydrologic applications

The model simulates streamflow from precipitation and temperature data.
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更新 2015/7/14


This model has been developed at the Laboratory of Ecohydrology of the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne ( for the simulation of hydrological processes at the catchment scale. The corresponding paper is published in GMD
The key concept of the model is the formulation of water transport by geomorphologic travel time distributions through gravity-driven transitions among geomorphic states: the mobilization of water (and possibly dissolved solutes) is simulated at the subcatchment scale and the resulting responses are convolved with the travel paths distribution within the river network to obtain the hydrologic response at the catchment outlet. The model thus breaks down the complexity of the hydrologic response into an explicit geomorphological combination of dominant spatial patterns of precipitation input and of hydrologic process controls. Nonstationarity and nonlinearity effects are tackled through soil moisture dynamics in the active soil layer.
The package comes with example data to test the model for an catchment with snow- and ice melt.


Bettina Schaefli (2024). SEHR-ECHO v1.0: a Spatially Explicit Hydrologic Response model for ecohydrologic applications (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. 取得済み .

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作成: R2010b
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バージョン 公開済み リリース ノート

Corrected typos in sehrechoV01x and in geouroutingV01x; corrected "no routing" of subfluxes in sehrechoV01.m; modifications only affect the outputs at intermediate sections, not at outlet; all changes summarized in upDatesSehrEchoV01b_09July2015.m

Forgot to mention: also corrected the output handling in case of no routing, added line 269:

Changed a line in sehrechoV01a.m to handle the cut of a warm-up period in case of multiple intermediate sections (which generated an error before):
Before: Qsim=Qsim(Extra.warmup+1:end);
New: Qsim=Qsim(Extra.warmup+1:end,:);

Version V01a corrects the wrong "no routing" option, which did not compute flow at intermediate sections. Contains minor modifications to deal with different version names (see folder TrackVersions). Simulation results of V01a are identical to V01.

There was a parameter assignment error in the function snowmod, which resulted in using always the default parameter values for the simulation. The problem is fixed.

Modified typos in model description and added tags.