Visualization of multi-modal volume segmentation

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Visualize single- or multi-modal 2D or 3D images and corresponding segmentation
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It can visualize single- or multi-modal 2D or 3D images in a selected plane, which can be switched.
Modalities are switched by left slider, slices are changed by botom slider. Planes are switched by radiobutton group.
It can be used for visualization of the segmentation, where the segmentation has to be a binary matrix.
For the evaluation purposes, the manual segmentation can be input as the third argument. Both segmentation are depicted with different color (red and blue). In this case, the evaluation coefficients (Jaccard, Dice, Tanimoto, Accuracy, TPR, FNR, FPR and FNR) are computed and shown in table for particular slice and for the whole volume. This may require RoI definition, which can be input as the fourth argument, otherwise the whole image/volume is considered.
These coefficients may be obtained the output of the function.
Done button has to be pushed to properly exit.
Imoverlay function has to be downloaded from


Pavel Dvorak (2024). Visualization of multi-modal volume segmentation (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. 取得済み .

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作成: R2014a
Windows macOS Linux
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evaluation corrected

visualization updated, it can correctly visualize all modalities

visualizing updated

update function returned error work for 1 modalityor 1 slice. Corrected !!!

visualization updated - if segmentation exist, it automatically navigates to the slice, where the segmentation is largest

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