Image overlay

バージョン 1.3 (3.72 KB) 作成者: Steve Eddins
Overlay a binary mask onto an image using a specified color
ダウンロード: 30.5K
更新 2019/12/3


The function IMOVERLAY creates a mask-based image overlay. It takes input image and a binary mask, and it produces an output image whose masked pixels have been replaced by a specified color.

NOTE: This original implementation of IMOVERLAY was superseded in R2016a by a new function, with the same name, in the Image Processing Toolbox. The version here has been renamed to IMOVERLAY_OLD.


Steve Eddins (2024). Image overlay (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. 取得済み .

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作成: R2006a
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バージョン 公開済み リリース ノート

Renamed to IMOVERLAY_OLD. Use the new version (R2016a) in the Image Processing Toolbox.

Updated license

Based on a suggestion from Lasse, I added code to automatically convert the mask input to be logical.

Based on a suggestion by Matt Whitaker, I added documentation and an example explaining how to use mat2gray for double / single grayscale images outside the normal [0, 1] range.