Shaded Error Bar YY

バージョン (1.5 KB) 作成者: Ben Dichter
Makes two shadedErrorBars on a two-sided axes
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更新 2013/7/11


shadedErrorBaryy is a wrapper for the popular File Exchange function shadedErrorBar, It allows you to put two of these beautiful objects on two y-scales using the plotyy format. This is a bit of a hack and requires shadedErrorBar to already be in your path. The output, ax, is a vector containing the left and right axes handles, which can be used to label the plot, etc.

When generating this figure on macs (and possibly linux) you may experience problems with the left y-axis. This is not an issue with the code but with matlab's renderer. OpenGL with transparency tends to cause this bug. The figure will be correct if you export it using plot2svg


Ben Dichter (2024). Shaded Error Bar YY (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. 取得済み .

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作成: R2013a
Windows macOS Linux
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