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Variant of whos(). Gives memory in Kbytes and displays array dimensions even for 4D+ arrays.
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更新 2011/3/29


"Whos" is a customized version of MATLAB's usual "whos" function.

The differences are,

(1) "Whos" will compute/display memory in kilobytes whereas "whos" displays in bytes.

(2) "Whos" will always display all array dimensions whereas "whos" will not display array dimensions for 4th and higher dimensional arrays.

EXAMPLE: Given the following arrays


using "whos" displays the following:

>> whos
Name Size Bytes Class Attributes

A 4-D 1920000 double
B 5-D 3000000 single complex

whereas Whos will display the following

>> Whos
Name Size Kilobytes Class Attributes

A 10x20x30x40 1875 double
B 5x10x15x20x25 2930 single complex

An unfortunate limitation is that Whos relies on EVALIN and so will not work correctly in a workspace context reached using DBUP and DBDOWN. I elaborate on this somewhat in this Newsgroup thread:


Hopefully, TMW will provide a way around this eventually.


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バージョン 公開済み リリース ノート

Right-justified the "Kilobytes" column. Also, memory greater than 10KB is now rounded up to integers.

Small bug fix. Rendering of sizes MxNxPxQ... could have appeared as MxxNxPxx or some variety of this.