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Easily create a Microsoft Excel format spreadsheet from MATLAB®.

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NOTE: I built this a million years ago, before it was provided with MATLAB. I recommend you use xlswrite, or even better writetable, that have been in MATLAB for many years now.

Creates a Microsoft Excel format spreadsheet using the MATLAB ActiveX interface. This can also open the spreadsheet directly without ever saving to a file.

Nothing too fancy:
- Supports arbitrary number of header lines
- Supports column headers
- Writes a single matrix
- Can write to specific sheets (thanks Fahad!)

m = rand(100,4);
header = 'This is some introductory information at the top of my spreadsheet.';
colnames = {'Ch1','Ch2','Ch3','Ch4'};
filename = 'myfile.xls';

Will create a spreadsheet named myfile.xls


Michelle Hirsch (2022). xlswrite - legacy (https://github.com/michellehirsch/xlswrite--Legacy), GitHub. 取得済み .

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