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Jean Le Rand D'Alambert Reduction Method (update:22-06-07)

version (182 KB) by Ali OZGUL
Reduction method

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Updated 22 Jun 2007

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In this Matlab application was perused Jean Le Rand D'Alambert's** Reduction Method for two degree of linear differential equations and several analytical examples are compared with matlab solution applications.

**Jean d'Alembert was a a French mathematician who was a pioneer in the study of differential equations and their use of in physics. He studied the equilibrium and motion of fluids (1717-1783).

Example reduction method;

[Analytical problem]
y'' - 4xy' + [4x^2-2]y = 0 and equation's is know one solution

[Matlab application]

In this zip archive;
Example1.pdf (matlab&analytical sol.)
Example2.pdf (analytical solution)
Example3.pdf (analytical solution)
Readme.html (several examples,Matlab)
Damalbert.m (sub function)
Example.m (func. runing module)

[1] Differential equations,PhD.Frank Ayres, Schaum's outline series and McGraw-Hill Company ,1998

[2] Mathematical handbook of formulas and tables,PhD. Murray R. Spiegel, PhD. John Liu, Second edition,McGraw-Hill book company,2001,ISBN:0-07-038203-4

[3] Differansiyel denklemler,Yrd.Doç.Dr. A.Neþe Dernek, Doç.Dr.Ahmet,Dernek, Marmara university,Deniz book publisher,Istanbul,1995

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Comments and Ratings (2)

mis spell

Note that even the title of the submission has two misspells: "Jean Le ROnd d'AlEmbert"!

Dimitri Shvorob

'Lineer Differantial'?'Symoblic'? I don't expect much from a contributor who doesn't bother to use spell-check. Despite evident effort, the HTML report is shoddy and difficult to understand. Is all the FPRINTFed output necessary? What toolboxes are needed? (The code invokes SYMS and MAPLE, for example).

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