Linear elasticity with a non-penetration surface condition

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A 3D FEM solver based on an energy minimization formulated in C^0 deformation including a new surface non-penetration term.
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A complementary code of the article
Stefan Krömer, Jan Valdman - Surface penalization of self-interpenetration in linear and nonlinear elasticity
Description: a 3D linear elasticity is formulated as an energy minimization and combined with the (nonlocal) self-interpenetration term defined on the deforming domain boundary
The code is based on modification of benchmark 4 from the article
1) A. Moskovka1 and J. Valdman - Fast MATLAB evaluation of nonlinear energies using FEM in 2D and 3D: Nodal elements
Vectorization/Solver of linear elasticity is taken from the article
2) T. Rahman, J. Valdman - Fast MATLAB assembly of FEM matrices in 2D and 3D: nodal elements
Mesh visualizations are taken from the article
3) M. Čermák, S. Sysala, J. Valdman - Efficient and flexible MATLAB implementation of 2D and 3D elastoplastic problems
Evaluation of the self-interpenetration term is modified from the article
4) S. Krömer, J. Valdman, Global injectivity in second-gradient Nonlinear Elasticity and its approximation with penalty terms
3D pincers mesh was created by A. Moskovka.
Please cite the paper if you find the code useful. A link to the paper can be found at the author web page located at
Available scripts:


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