DFS Fantasy Football Lineup Optimizer

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Optimize your Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) fantasy football lineups with MATLAB and the Optimization Toolbox
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更新 2022/9/20

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DFS Optimizer

Download Projection Data

  • Go to Daily Fantasy Fuel and click on “Download Projects as CSV”
  • Save the file to your computer as “DFF_data.csv” into a new folder


You might have MATLAB installed on your computer, so all you have to do is open MATLAB. If you don’t have MATLAB installed, you can use MATLAB Online at matlab.mathworks.com by signing in and clicking “Open MATLAB Online (basic).”

Import the Data

  • Right-click on the “Current Folder” and click “Upload Files”
  • Select the CSV file that you downloaded from Daily Fantasy Fuel
  • Right-click on the DFF_data.csv that we uploaded and click Open
  • Click “Import Selection” and “Import Data”

Enter and Run the Code

  • Right-click on the Current Folder area, click New, and then Live Script
  • Name it “dfs.m” and open it
  • Copy and paste my MATLAB code from GitHub into your new MATLAB Live Script.
  • Click “Save”
  • Change the salaryCap variable to the salary cap to optimize for. 50,000 to 60,000 is a common range.
  • Click the Run button on the Live Editor tab

Optimal DFS lineup using MATLAB



Hans Scharler (2024). DFS Fantasy Football Lineup Optimizer (https://github.com/nothans/dfs-optimizer), GitHub. 取得済み .

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