Block transposition, permutation, and reshaping of arrays

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Analogues for transpose(), reshape(), and permute() but where sub-blocks of the array are treated as scalar elements.

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更新 2023/1/20


MATLAB provides various functions like permute(), transpose(), and reshape() allowing one to change the dimensions of an array and reorder its elements. At times, however, I find I wish to do things similar to these, but where instead of reordering the individual scalar entries of an array, certain sub-blocks are treated as the "elements". Thus, for instance, if A, B, C, and D are matrices of the same size and M=[A B;C D] is a block matrix, I would like to transpose the block positions to obtain M=[A C; B D] but without reordering the contents of the sub-matrices A,B,C, and D themselves.
This FEX submission contains a set of files for doing just this kind of thing. The assumption throughout is that the sub-blocks are equal-sized sub-tiles of the given array. The tools work on any MATLAB array that can be reshaped and permuted in N-dimensions. They will also work for sparse matrices if you download my ndSparse class.
The usage of these tools is demonstrated in the Examples tab.


Matt J (2023). Block transposition, permutation, and reshaping of arrays (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. 取得済み .

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Fixed bug in blkReshape, triggered when target dimensions are given as comma-separated list.


Small documentation fix.


Typo correction.


Added blkSize, blkLength, blkNumel for dimension querying