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What is your main/preferred programming language of choice?

MATLAB (Way to go!!! You rock!)
Python (not from within MATLAB)
Any variation of C
Java, Javascript
R, Ruby, Swift, Go, Scala, PHP, VB
Other not mentioned, or mixture
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Prakhar Sharma
Prakhar Sharma 2022 7 月 19
Plz create this poll on stackexchange. Very few Python users use MATLAB central.
Prakhar Sharma
Prakhar Sharma 2022 7 月 19 (編集済み 2022 7 月 19)
The problem is not many people use MATLAB for coding. First, it is costly and why would someone go for MATLAB when they have Python. Python community is so big. I can ask my doubts on stackexchange etc. and can get reply in minutes. This is not the same with MATLAB. See this question of mine for example,
I can't add temperature dependent coefficient (conductivity) on a custom PDE in PDE toolbox. If I were on Python I could edit the source code or fork the project to create my own library. For simple works MATLAB is fast and easy, they have nice tutorials. But there is less flexibility.
Kaiyue Wang
Kaiyue Wang 2022 7 月 19
I prefer languages with great type design, like idris (has anyone heard of it?). The inconsistencies in types for Matlab is killing me.
Artem Lenskiy
Artem Lenskiy 2022 7 月 19
This would indeed be great. I would suggest MathWorks develop a new language that could be used alongside the current language to retain the current user base, but at the same time attract more developers from the industry who value a strict type system or perhaps integrate MATLAB with existing languages e.g. RUST.
Yannick 2022 7 月 7
In order to make my code accessible to the research community, is use python the most.
Prakhar Sharma
Prakhar Sharma 2022 6 月 14
I use Python for my research because not everyone knows or have access to MATLAB.
Artem Lenskiy
Artem Lenskiy 2022 6 月 5
Matlab is a great, but there is a room for improvement. For example, it would be nice to have some capabilites of functional programming e.g. map, foldl, similar to what is discussed here but make it part of the language.
Andrew Nolan
Andrew Nolan 2022 5 月 5
Java and Javascript listed together as the same option?!?!?!
jimmy hu
jimmy hu 2022 5 月 1
That's why we're here.
Gayathri Saravanan
Gayathri Saravanan 2022 4 月 25
Matlab is the user friendly language.
Hamid Majidi Balanji
Hamid Majidi Balanji 2022 5 月 2
MATLAB is not a programming language.
Richard Moore
Richard Moore 2022 4 月 11

MATLAB is the right tool for a lot of my non-deployed engineering development and analysis code. The large set of well-documented and consistent functions, succinct and readable code, and interpreted nature of the language all suit my uses well. Live scripts and apps are great additions in recent years that improve some types of engineering workflow.

The interface with Simulink is still disappointing. Powerful aspects of MATLAB like parfor looping and regression/fitting tools either don't work with Simulink blocks/models when called from MATLAB or break in difficult-to-troubleshoot ways. I hope the integration between between MATLAB and Simulink will improve in the future.

Phạm Đức Dũng
Phạm Đức Dũng 2022 3 月 28


Kevin van der Toorn
Kevin van der Toorn 2022 3 月 1

I think there might be a sampling bias here...

Prakhar Sharma
Prakhar Sharma 2022 7 月 19
yeah they should conduct this survey on stackexchange to see their real userbase.
Michael Vaccaro
Michael Vaccaro 2022 3 月 2

definitely no bias here lol

William Howard
William Howard 2022 3 月 1

Isn't this poll kind of biased since most people on here will be using matlab? Odd choice for a company that makes mathematical software.

Jan Bartels
Jan Bartels 2022 4 月 18

I don't get the sense that these are supposed to be statistically sound but moreso here to generate community engagement.

Image Analyst
Image Analyst 2022 2 月 17

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