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How many people use MATLAB or Simulink in your organization?

1 (just me)
More than 100 (e.g. University)
I can't even guess.
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Mahider Alemu
Mahider Alemu 2022 7 月 23 9:50
In our university most of the project need MATLAB/SIMULINK due to this in our university more thah 5000 school community use matlab either for project/thesis/dessertation or for normal class assignment/laboratory work
Amir Assadi
Amir Assadi 2022 3 月 30

I have used MATLAB for research, in my teaching classes, and encouraged my PhD students to use it. MATLAB has made lasting contributions to development of many fields of knowledge. I am grateful to fellow mathematicians who founded and navigated its course of development through past decades.

Amer Sam
Amer Sam 2022 3 月 23

Matlab is the biggest bulshit i have ever seen

Juan Diego De la Rosa
Juan Diego De la Rosa 2022 3 月 29

It certainly is

Kiana Maillet
Kiana Maillet 2022 3 月 23


ABOK ODHIAMBO 2022 3 月 22

How can I navigate RegenSim library in Matlab R2013a? I can't find the library though I seriously need to model a renewable energy conversion system.

Danny Lacayo
Danny Lacayo 2022 3 月 10

hi give me a scholarship

DGM 2022 2 月 9

Well I wouldn't exactly call it "organized"...

Image Analyst
Image Analyst 2022 2 月 9

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