how to save 1x3072 data without output truncated error?

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Darlling5147 Sew
Darlling5147 Sew 2013 年 10 月 7 日
I am facing problem of extracting a data of 1*3072 into xml file. The last data can be saved is no.2500. Output truncated error occurred ever since there. Can anybody help? Here is my code:
docNode = com.mathworks.xml.XMLUtils.createDocument('LUT'); xmlwrite(docNode) entry_node = docNode.createElement('sigmaLUT');
a= signal(:,1); b= abs(a)';
entry_node.appendChild(docNode.createTextNode(sprintf('%i',b))); docNode.getDocumentElement.appendChild(entry_node); xmlwrite(docNode) xmlwrite('sigmaLUT.xml',docNode);

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