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Read, process and write image dataset

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Hello, I have image dataset containing 5000 images. I enhanced the one image from this dataset in the matlab my code is working good and i got good result. Now i need help in processing this all 5000 images using my filter code and have to store that processed images in my laptop local folder. How to read, process and write 5000 images in one go. can anybody know how to do that?
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Rik 2021 年 7 月 30 日
What is your question? Weren't you already writing the result to local storage? How does your current pipeline look? It should start with a way to load an image, and it should end with writing that image to some storage. How are you doing that last step?



KSSV 2021 年 7 月 30 日
infolder = '' % give the path of the folder where your images are present
outfolder = '' % give the path of the folder where you want to save images
imgFiles = dir([infolder,filesep,'\*.png']) ; % give extension of your images
N = length(imgFiles) ; % total images in the foder
for i = 1:N
thisFile = [infolder,filesep,imgFiles(i).name] ; % each image file
[filepath,name,ext] = fileparts(thisFile) ; % get name of the image file and extension
outFile = [outfolder,filesep,[name,ext]] ; % write image file on this name here
I = imread(thisFile) ; % read image into
% do what you want on I
imwrite(I,outFile) ; % write the image in the said folder on the name
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Aravind Prabhu Gopala Krishnan
Aravind Prabhu Gopala Krishnan 2021 年 8 月 2 日
KSSV thanks for your help bro it worked actually after that.


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