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plotting bar graph using matlab

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Seismic D
Seismic D 2021 年 7 月 8 日
編集済み: Seismic D 2021 年 7 月 8 日
Hii experts i want to make a beautiful bar plot using the attached data(data.txt). On the x axis i want to plot years such as 2007, 2008 etc from the first column data and on the y axis corresponding second column data.Most importantly, i want to mention only the year such as 2007 2008 only once along the x axis as on the x axis labels doesnot visible due to huge data.
my sample data is
2008-05-24 3.5
2008-05-25 4.3
2008-06-11 3.7
2008-06-14 3.8


Akira Agata
Akira Agata 2021 年 7 月 8 日
How about using a stem plot?
The following is an example:
tt = readtimetable('data.txt');
stem(tt.Time, tt.Var1,'Marker','none')
grid on

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Simon Chan
Simon Chan 2021 年 7 月 8 日
Add xaxis limit:
xlim([datetime(2007,1,1) datetime(2016,12,31)])

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