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How to set universal bridge as inverter

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frank 2021 年 7 月 1 日
編集済み: frank 2021 年 7 月 14 日
How do I configure a universal bridge to act as an inverter (DC to AC)?
When I load one from the Simulink library, it appears with 3-phase AC inputs and positive/negative DC outputs. The same thing happens with a two-level converter.
However, many examples have these devices with DC inputs and 3-phase AC outputs. How do I do that? I found an old example online (link) which indicates the bridge had a parameter to set the 3-phase ports as inputs or outputs, but it seems that setting has been depreceated. How do I get around this? I'm sorry if this is a simple question, but I couldn't find the answer.
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frank 2021 年 7 月 2 日
I'm using MATLAB 2021a.


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Pemendra Kumar Pardhi
Pemendra Kumar Pardhi 2021 年 7 月 2 日
Hi, Frank You can use universal bridge as a Inverter or PWM rectifier or uncontrolled rectifier For inverter you must select controlled switch such as IGBT or MOSFET, BJT.... For inverter operations, At DC terminal connect a dc source and at ac terminal, connect any load (resistive or other) either in star connection or delta. For inverting you must provide proper gate singnal to controlled switch.
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frank 2021 年 7 月 14 日
Hi pemendra, I tried what you recommended and didn't get any runtime errors. However, the code that this is all occuring in has some higher-level error, so I can't definitevely say that this is a solution.
That is...I have a bigger problem that I still haven't solved. Therefore, I can't say if this smaller problem I was having is solved. I can say that implementing what you recommended did not result in any immediate errors.



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