Where do the thermal properties of the generic battery model come from?

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Claud Boyd
Claud Boyd 2021 年 6 月 7 日
コメント済み: Claud Boyd 2021 年 6 月 24 日
The generic battery model (Electrical/Specialized Power Systerms/Electric Drives/Extra Sources/) is capable of recieving an ambient temperature and puting out a cell temperature. The battery has a thermal resistance measured in degrees C per Watt, but how is this converted into the cell temperature? Is thermal mass of the battery determined by the voltage and chemistry? Where does the thermal mass come from?

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maiaL 2021 年 6 月 9 日
編集済み: maiaL 2021 年 6 月 10 日
The equations used in this model can be found in the documentation: https://www.mathworks.com/help/physmod/sps/powersys/ref/battery.html.
More specifically:
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Claud Boyd
Claud Boyd 2021 年 6 月 24 日
Thank you!


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