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How to split a 3D matrix into multiple 2D matrices

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Chao Zhang
Chao Zhang 2021 年 6 月 6 日
コメント済み: Chao Zhang 2021 年 6 月 6 日
Now I have a 36x9xN three-dimensional matrix, N is a variable. How to split this three-dimensional matrix into N 36x9 two-dimensional matrices? (for example, N=3)


Manas Minnoor
Manas Minnoor 2021 年 6 月 6 日
Hi Chao,
Please refer to the following links which explain in detail how to use cell arrays to accomplish this.
However, just indexing into the 3D matrix will be much easier than creating multiple 2D matrices. Only if it is required should you create the N 2D matrices.
You may use the mat2cell function, whose documentation is listed below:
Hope this helps.
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Chao Zhang
Chao Zhang 2021 年 6 月 6 日
Thank you!


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