I have a data set (matrix), having three columns, How can I find if this dataset follows a specific pattern or any relation exists?

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In the simulation I am conducting, I have a matrix which has optimal values obtained after every simulation. Now I want to see if there is any pattern which these three Variables follow or if there is any relationship among these three variables, or even between two. For example, the names of the three sides variables are D1, D2, and DX, a relationship can be something like , D1=D2=Dx or D2=2 times Dx, etc. (simple examples, it may have a little complex relation). I have seen that D2 and DX have a close correlation, how can I use this to relate it with D1 OR what conclusion can I draw from it? How can I analyze these three variables together? Whether I can do something like D1 Vs (D2 and DX)?
The dataset looks like this: (but having large number of data)
D1 D2 DX
3.3 3.0 3
1.12 0.83 1
4.4 6.44 6
2.5 11.9 15
0.79 2.19 3
3.81 9.63 12
2.4 4.9 7
2.56 13.2 13
1.97 5.26 5
4.50 3.68 4
4.72 5.21 6
0.89 4.10 5
1.78 5.89 8
3.2 7.54 12
3.18 2.20 4

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Allen 2021 年 5 月 30 日
Take a look at how to use MATLAB's cross-correlation function, xcorr. Depending on what specifically you are trying to determine from pattern matching, this would be a great place to start, but only handles two data sets at a time so you would need to perform mutilple cross-correlation checks to examine more than two data sets (columns in your case).

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