Scatter and legend functions are not working well with each other, when working with Export Setup.

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With the code given below to create a scatter plot and edit the legend marker size:
hold on;
[~, hobj, ~, ~] = legend({'Predicted','Measured'},'Fontsize',12,'FontName', 'Arial','Location','Best');
M = findobj(hobj,'type','patch');
ylabel('Melt pool depth (μm)');
set(gca, 'FontName', 'Arial', 'FontSize', 12);
I am able to obtain the following output:
I intentionally have these larger marker sizes as Matlab seems to reduce them drastically when I use settings inside of File>Export Setup such as the ones given below:
These "Export Setup" settings make the scatter points ready for publication, but the legend seems to misbehave (changes size and marker thickness) as shown below:
The same Export Setup settings work well with the gscatter code:
hold on;
pPlot=gscatter(v_star,E_star,melting_mode,'kbrm','so^d',20,'on','Dimensionless Velocity','Dimensionless Heat');
l= findobj(gcf,'tag','legend'); set(l,'location','northwest');
[hleg,att] = legend('show');
xlim([1 10])
ylim([10 200])
with before/after "Export Setup" images shown below:


Shraddha Jain
Shraddha Jain 2021 年 6 月 9 日
編集済み: Shraddha Jain 2021 年 6 月 9 日
Hi Sagar,
You are not able to modify the properties of legend while displaying scatter plot because of the way the legend object has been created in the code below,
[~, hobj, ~, ~] = legend({'Predicted','Measured'},'Fontsize',12,'FontName','Arial','Location','Best');
If you replace the above code with,
the changes made in the Export Setup > Fonts of the MATLAB Figure will be reflected in the legend as well.
Hope this helps!

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