Normalise data set in 2d plot

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TIERNAN BURKE 2021 年 4 月 20 日
回答済み: Divija Aleti 2021 年 4 月 23 日
I need to normalize the values in the y axis to be between -1 and 1. Im trying to non dimensionalise that data which is amplitude (m).
see in graph below how values range roughly from -0.5 to 0.5 how can i normalise this to range from -1 to 1 without skewing my data and keeping its accuracy?

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Divija Aleti
Divija Aleti 2021 年 4 月 23 日
Hi Tiernan,
After you finish plotting, you can specify the limits of y-axis by adding the following line of code:
ylim([-1 1])
Hope this helps!


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