Why do I receive "Products Already Installed" when installing MathWorks products?

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Why do I receive the following warning when installing MathWorks products?
Products Already installed:
All selected products are already installed.


MathWorks Support Team
MathWorks Support Team 2024 年 3 月 29 日 0:00
編集済み: MathWorks Support Team 2024 年 3 月 29 日 19:46
As of R2021b, the MathWorks Installer will provide a warning message if you attempt to reinstall products that are already installed.  The MathWorks Installer will not automatically uninstall and reinstall software. To reinstall, you must first uninstall the product, then you will be able to proceed with the installation. Please see below for instructions for uninstalling MathWorks products, or reinstalling a toolbox:
Uninstalling MathWorks products
For instructions on how to uninstall MathWorks products, please refer to the following links depending on the product:
Reinstalling a particular toolbox, other than MATLAB
If you would like to reinstall a particular toolbox, you must first uninstall the toolbox:
Once uninstalled, you may proceed with the installation.
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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson 2023 年 5 月 11 日
For MacOS, drag the application out of /Applications into the trash, and empty the trash. You might also want to delete the appropriate folders out of ~/Library/Application Support/MathWorks/MATLAB/ such as R202b and R2022b_licenses
For Windows, delete the installation folder, and empty the recycling bin. You might want to run a third-party utility to detect registry problems and clean the registry afterwards. You might also want to delete the appropriate folders out of C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\MathWorks\MATLAB such as R2022b and R2022b_licenses
Kenneth Freeman
Kenneth Freeman 2023 年 5 月 15 日
I ended up installing to a different location and that seemed to work. I can use your suggestions to clean up the old install. Don't know what happened with that, matlab.exe just disappeared from my machine.


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