Interface Simulink based clutch device with Simscape driveline loop

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Hello Everyone!
I am trying to simulated the gear change behavior in a vehicle transmission using Simulink and Simscape driveline The gearbox itself is modeled with Simscape driveline but the clutch is based on Simulink model. The below picture shows the driveline clutch element but I will replace it with simulink model.
I am not sure how I can interface both Simulink clutch model and the driveline loop. The model contains the rotational dynamics of both clutch sides and the conditon for engagement. So, the sum of torques on each side can be cacluted as well as the individual rotational speed.
Thank you!


Steve Miller
Steve Miller 2021 年 4 月 12 日
Hi Ayham,
Breaking a Simscape network completely with Simulink elements is very challenging. You will end up inserting delays which can lead to your system going numerically unstable. Normally, if you must to do that, you insert the Simulink elements where there is some compliance in your system (spring-damper, compressibility, capacitance, ...) and you can incorporate the physical effect into the delay.
In this case, I would recommend you try to use Simulink to calculate your clutch characteristics but use a Variable Rotational Damper or even the Fundamental Friction Clutch block. If you can implement your Simulink logic in Simscape language, you can avoid all delays as well.
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Ayham Aljawabrah
Ayham Aljawabrah 2021 年 4 月 12 日
Thank you! This Helping


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