Reading multiple editable text boxes.

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Jack Georege
Jack Georege 2021 年 3 月 30 日
コメント済み: Jack Georege 2021 年 4 月 6 日
So for a project that I am doing that requires programmatic GUI development, I am trying to write a program that can read single letter inputs from multiple editable text boxes and put them into an array to be used later on. I found some code posted by Walter Roberson in 2013 that successfully created the boxes using a for loop, but now i don't know how to read the inputs in the boxes.
Here is the part that creates the text boxes:
np1 = 5;
editp1 = zeros(np1,1);
for K = 1:np1
editp1(K) = uicontrol( 'Style', 'edit', 'Units', 'normalized', 'Position', [(0.1+((K-1)*0.04)) 0.7 0.04 0.07]);
How would i program a push button to write the inputs of the text boxes into an array at the push of said button? I know it will use a callback function but i have no idea what that would look like nor what outputs would go on the button code itself.

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Reshma Nerella
Reshma Nerella 2021 年 4 月 5 日
1. Create a property editFieldsArray in the app.
If you want to use a variable across the app, you need to declare it as an App property
properties (Access = private)
2. Create an array of text/numeric editFields.
app.noOfFields = 5;
for i = 1 : app.noOfFields
tempArray = uieditfield(app.UIFigure, 'text', 'Position', [20, 400-i*20,100,22]);
app.editFieldsArray = tempArray;
3. Create a button in th App and add the corresponding 'Button pushed function' callback.
a. Click on the name of button in Component Browser
b. Select Callbacks tab
c. Create Button pushed function.
4. In the Button pushed function add the code for obtaining values from the EditFeilds and store in an array.
editFieldsValues = zeros(1, app.noOfFields);
for i = 1 : app.noOfFields
editFieldsValues(i) = convertCharsToStrings(app.editFieldsArray(i).Value);
Whenever the button is clicked, all the Values from the Edit Feilds will get stored in 'editFieldsValues' variable.
To know more, refer to the examples and documentation of App Designer: Examples
Hope this helps!
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Jack Georege
Jack Georege 2021 年 4 月 6 日
Like Rik said, I'm not using the AppDesigner. This is being made programmatically.



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