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Why bit plane 8 of my image is almost black?

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Fatmanur Özdemir
Fatmanur Özdemir 2021 年 3 月 29 日
回答済み: Mahesh Taparia 2021 年 4 月 1 日
I am trying to reconstruct an image by combining bit plane 8 and bit plane 7 of my original gray image. However I get an almost black picture which I think it shouldn't be like that. When I display image in matlab without any process on it, it is different from the original image. What should I do?
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KSSV 2021 年 3 月 29 日
Check the class of the image......and change it accordingly.


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Mahesh Taparia
Mahesh Taparia 2021 年 4 月 1 日
It seems, the image which you are displaying might be in double or single format. Convert it to uint8 format using uint8 command. Also, make sure the range of image pixels value to be lies between 0 and 255.
If it won't work, then can you share a samle image? It will be more helpful.

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