Matlab coder generated a c function which has void output, even though the matlab function has double array input

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K R S Nandhan
K R S Nandhan 2021 年 3 月 23 日
回答済み: Darshan Ramakant Bhat 2021 年 3 月 24 日
My matlab function is of the following form =
function Y = fn(X)
%some code here
where both X and Y are vectors of type double
I used Matlab coder to convert this into a c program function.
The c file is of the form -
void fn(X,Y){
//stuff goes here
But I want the function to return Y. (I assume in this format, I have to send the pointer of output as the input argument).
How to I change this?

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Darshan Ramakant Bhat
Darshan Ramakant Bhat 2021 年 3 月 24 日
This is an intentional design in the generated code and the users dont have control over it to change this behaviour as of today.
Reason for the design :
In the current design, the caller function will need to create the pointer (memory) and owns it. Memory creating and the deletiong is done in the same function.
int main {
// Allocate input and output memory
int *input = (int*)(calloc(10,sizeof(int)));
int *output = (int*)calloc(10,sizeof(int)));
for (i =0;i<10;++i) {
// Fill the input
input[i] = i;
// Use the generated code
// Do something
//Destroy the memory
If you return the pointer as output, that pointer needs to be created inside the function, so the ownership of the memory is not clear.
int* foo(int *input) {
// does something
// Allocates the memory
int *out = (int *)(calloc(numel,sizeof(int)); // Who owns this memory ? this may be leaked.
return out; // Also the size information is lost due to array decaying into pointer.
The generated code contains an example main.c file which shows a sample use of the generated function. You can take a look at it :
Hope this will help you.




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