Converting EMD (Empirical mode decomposition) fuction from matlab toolbox to c language

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I'm using the EMD (Empirical mode decomposition) Matlab function in PPG signal processing. I'm searching for a way to convert this function to C language.
the MATLAB C coder shows the error message " MATLAB built-in functions and toolbox functions cannot be used as entry-point in MATLAB coder". is there any method to extract the EMD function in C language.
Machine: Windows,
Version: Matlab 2018a
Any help is appreciated.


Darshan Ramakant Bhat
Darshan Ramakant Bhat 2021 年 3 月 16 日
In MATLAB Coder you cannot directy generate code from built-in functions.
Please create a wrapper function which uses the built-in function. For example :
function [imf,residual] = emd_wrapper(x)
% Use the built-in function
[imf,residual] = emd(x);
Hope this will be helpful for you.

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