Get container size for Custom UI Component

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Heine Hørup Pedersen
Heine Hørup Pedersen 2021 年 2 月 25 日
回答済み: Greg 2021 年 4 月 15 日
I would like to implement costum UI's in the app designer. For simplicity I'm using the IPAddressComponent example.
I'm able to place the UI component in different uifigures and in specified uipanels from command line.
What I can't figure out is how I get the size of the container I'm placing the component inside. Putting a breakpoint in the setup function does not give me any information except the object itself. If I go back in the function call stack I do see a varargin, with the container handles i'm looking for.
% place in uifigure
f1 = uifigure;
f2 = uifigure;
h1 = IPAddressComponent(f1)
% place in uipanel
fig = uifigure;
p = uipanel(fig,'Position',[20 20 300 135]);
h1 = IPAddressComponent(p)
Can any of you tell me how I can get the size/position of the provided container so that I can create my component according to its size?
Regards Heine
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Mario Malic
Mario Malic 2021 年 2 月 25 日
I have edited the comment, I am not sure whether it's worthy to chase the implementation from handle classes (i have never worked with it).
Another suggestion would be to add a function in each component to set it to size of parent component so you can later invoke it on all handles that need resizing.



Heine Hørup Pedersen
Heine Hørup Pedersen 2021 年 2 月 25 日
編集済み: Heine Hørup Pedersen 2021 年 2 月 25 日
I figured out that I need to use the update method to resize. Which is also clearly stated here:
Thanks Mario
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Heine Hørup Pedersen
Heine Hørup Pedersen 2021 年 2 月 25 日
I'll post an example when I have figured out exacly how to do it, I just recognized that the parent propertiy was not empty when I reached the update function. So here I should be able to get the container size for the component and size it accoringly.


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Greg 2021 年 4 月 15 日
I strongly encourage using uigridlayouts. Everywhere. Every componentcontainer I build starts with a grid, and every app has a grid at the base of the figure. Using grids makes nearly all conversations about size and position irrelevant.
To your specific question though, the setup method executes before any input arguments are processed. To obtain the parent of the componentcontainer, you need to do it in the constructor, or the update method. In either of those two methods, a simple obj.Parent.Position will give you the information you want.

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