How can i get local maxima,minima and inflection point displayed in the graph

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Fahad Qazi
Fahad Qazi 2021 年 2 月 19 日
回答済み: Sunand Agarwal 2021 年 2 月 22 日
hi, i am trying to write a function using fplot to plot a function and its first derivative and second derivative. i am able to plot the graph by simply running the function but how can i display the points automatically that indicate which is local maxima, minima and inflection point. i have a picture to show what i am getting at this moment. i am a begginner here for matlab
my code is here
function Output = Q2
syms x;
func = (2*x^4 - 40*x^3 + 299*x^2 - 989*x + 1219)/(x^2 - 10*x + 23);
% place your work here
firstdiff=diff(func); %we differentiate here with respect to x
seconddiff=diff(firstdiff);% we differentiate here with respect to x the result of firstdiff;
fplot1 = fplot(func,[2,8],'b-'); %plot the first function without derivation.
ylim([-15,30]);%set the Ylimits of the graph.
hold on %avoid function override
fplot2 = fplot(firstdiff,[2,8],'r-'); %plots the second function
hold on %avoids function override
fplot3 = fplot(seconddiff,[2,8],'y-'); %plots the third function
hold on
% firstdiffsol = solve(firstdiff == 0,x, 'Maxdegree', 4);
% lmaxPlot= vpa(firstdiffsol,6);
% plot(lmaxPlot,subs(func,lmaxplot),'ro');
% hold on
fplotH = {fplot1;fplot2;fplot3};% here we are passing an array of output for fplots. in which all values passed are plots of function in same graph.
legendArray = {'f(x)',"f'(x)","f''(x)"};
legendArray = [legendArray, {'Local Minima'}];
legendObject = legend(legendArray);
set(legendObject, 'Location', 'north')
Output = {fplotH; lmaxPlot; lminPlot; inflPlot; verAsymPlotBottom};

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Sunand Agarwal
Sunand Agarwal 2021 年 2 月 22 日
Please refer to the following link for an example of showing the critical and inflection points in a MATLAB graph:
Hope this helps.

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