Is there a way to convert verilog (.v) codes to Simulink model?

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Nadatimuj 2021 年 2 月 11 日
How to convert multuple verilog files into Simulink model without getting any clock inference error?


Pranav Verma
Pranav Verma 2021 年 2 月 16 日
Hi Navid,
You can use importhdl function in MATLAB to import the verilog code and generate the Simulink model out of it. Please make sure that the input HDL files should contain constructs that are supported by HDL import. Here are all the constructs supported by HDL import.
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Stelios Papaharalabos
Stelios Papaharalabos 2022 年 11 月 7 日
Hello Pravan,
I'm trying to run the importhdl function but matlab says "Undefined function or variable 'importhdl'.".
I do have the HDL Coder toolboox. Could you please help to resolve this issue?


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