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removing blackness in ribbon plot

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Ruben 2013 年 4 月 17 日
コメント済み: Joana Cabral 2018 年 5 月 18 日
I am currently using the ribbon plotting function to plot a 678x13 matrix. I would like to use this figure in a report I am writing, yet because of the largness of the matrix I get an awful lot of black regions in the figure. Does anyone know how to remove this? I have included the figure to show you the problem.
Thanks in advance
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Ruben 2013 年 4 月 17 日
the width option has no effect. What do you mean with averaging the data within the matrix?



Jonathan Epperl
Jonathan Epperl 2013 年 4 月 17 日
The black regions you are seeing are the gridlines along the 678 rows of your matrix. My suggestions:
Save the handles to the surfaces in h:
h = ribbon(M)
Then loop over all of them and set either of those options:
The first removes all the grid lines, the second one removes them in the 'rows' direction, and the third one makes them less opaque. As a copy&paste-able example:
h = ribbon(double(rand([678,20])>.7));
for ii=h'
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Joana Cabral
Joana Cabral 2018 年 5 月 18 日


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