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Delphi and Matlab DLL

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Ahmad 2011 年 5 月 10 日
Hi. I have an .m file which contains a function that takes some arguments and returns an Array.
I want to compile this file into a DLL that can be used in Delphi7.
All resources I found were related to C/C++/MSVC but not for Delphi.
Any Ideas.?? Thanks in advance.


Kaustubha Govind
Kaustubha Govind 2011 年 5 月 10 日
Unfortunately, Delphi is not one of the supported compilers with MathWorks' products.
However, could you elaborate on which product you plan to use to compile your MATLAB file into a DLL?
You have two options:
  1. MATLAB Compiler - supports almost all MATLAB functionality, but generates code that still depends on a set of libraries called the MATLAB Compiler Runtime. I don't know of a way to use unsupported compilers to build binaries with this product.
  2. MATLAB Coder - supports a limited subset of MATLAB functionality, but generates standalone C/C++ code. You should be able to compile these in Delphi by investing some time/effort into figuring out the right compiler/linker flags.

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