Importing EEG edf to matlab

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Mubeen Janmohamed
Mubeen Janmohamed 2020 年 12 月 31 日
回答済み: Daniel Gallagher 2021 年 6 月 2 日
Hi guys having this error message when importing EEG/EDF format into matlab. What can I do. Complete newbie.
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Daniel Gallagher
Daniel Gallagher 2021 年 5 月 6 日
Hi Mubeen,
I'm struggling with the same problem now. Did you ever find a solution?
I checked the link given by Athul, I've tried installing mexSLOAD.mex, and I've pored over all the documentation I can, but I haven't been able to crack it. Moreover, this error arises from only one EEG dataset (that was taken in exactly the same way as all my other datasets), which strikes me as quite odd. Anyway, I'd really appreciate it if you could tell me what ended up working for you!


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Athul Prakash
Athul Prakash 2021 年 1 月 5 日
Hi Mubeen,
I presume you're using the pro_biosig.m file found here:
The issue seems specific to the code the owner of the repo has written ("index exceeds the number of array elements"). However, the error message itself warns you about an installation and the issue could likely be from a missing file, so you should install mesSLOAD.mex as suggested.
You may find more help in the issues section of the repo you're using.
Hope it helps!

Daniel Gallagher
Daniel Gallagher 2021 年 6 月 2 日
I had the same problem. In my case, the error only came up with one of my EEG datasets (which was recorded the same way as all the others). This eventually fixed it for me:
From the EEGLAB GUI, File > Manage EEGLAB Extensions > Biosig 7.3.5, then click "Install/Update".
I had previously tried updating source files (like edfannot2evt.m) manually, but I think doing so caused some problem with path (even though I tried manually updating that as well...). In any case, this manual updating didn't do the trick for me. But going through the GUI did, so maybe this will work for some others who face the same problem.


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