dicomanon remove all dates

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James Lamb
James Lamb 2020 年 11 月 3 日
回答済み: Maadhav Akula 2020 年 11 月 13 日
Is it possible to make dicomanon remove all dates in the header, for example Study Date, Series Date, which are not removed by the default options? It seems like this should be required to comply with HIPAA (ref: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3264712/)
It is not too complicated to add that as an additional layer in calling code, but would be more convenient if it was included in dicomanon.
Jim Lamb
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Rik 2020 年 11 月 3 日
You can put this suggestion in a feature request. It seems like something Mathworks would consider implementing with an optional input argument.


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Maadhav Akula
Maadhav Akula 2020 年 11 月 13 日
Currently you cannot remove those attributes directly using dicomanon, but you can utilize the 'update' Name-Value pair in dicomanon to modify the required attributes to some random values(like "00000000" for a date or "00000000000000" for a datetime).
Hope this helps!


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