How to clear the compile to stand-alone history?

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farzad 2020 年 10 月 19 日
コメント済み: Image Analyst 2020 年 10 月 20 日
Hi All
I am trying to compile my file to stand alone via app designer. but since I am doing it many times, I am noticing that the changes I am making and every time opening, puts the project name an old project name from a mlapp file that I am not using anymore. any suggestion how to resolve this problem ?
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farzad 2020 年 10 月 20 日
Why is no one answering ?
Image Analyst
Image Analyst 2020 年 10 月 20 日
  1. Not many people here have the MATLAB Compiler Toolbox -- it's very expensive.
  2. People who do have it may not have opened your posting.
  3. You forgot to include your files so that anyone who might want to try to compile it, can't.


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