Error when connecting Matlab Function Block to Detection Concatenation Block

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As I want to insert CarMaker Detections Objects into a Detection Concatenation Block I'm right now trying to connect a Matlab Function Block with Simulink Bus In- and Outputs to a Detection Concatenation Block (Autonomous Driving Toolbox). Im trying to do so using this Example:
As I am just connecting the Radar Simulation Output to the Function Block and the Function Block to the Detection Block and handing through the input to the output it should work just fine. But I am getting the error:
Caused by:
My Inputs and Outputs are configured as the expected Bus-DataType.
I allready tried converting the Bus into a VirtualBus as sugested in some Discussions but thats not possible due to the fact that the Bus has Subbusses and also Arrays of Subbusses.


Niklas Dörr
Niklas Dörr 2020 年 10 月 13 日
It is possible to solve this by using a bus selector and bus creator after the function block. The bus creator has to have the "Output as non-virtual bus" checkbox checked.

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