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Getting error message for fast Fourier transform from simulink

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Stephanie Wesh
Stephanie Wesh 2020 年 10 月 9 日
回答済み: Chaitanya Mallela 2020 年 10 月 22 日
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Ameer Hamza
Ameer Hamza 2020 年 10 月 9 日
What is the tupe of data80? Show the output of


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Chaitanya Mallela
Chaitanya Mallela 2020 年 10 月 22 日
It seems like data80 does not belong to the valid input types of fft function.You can use either double, int32, uint32 or logical functions on the input data before applyting FFT in the script or if you are working in Simulink you can use Data Type Conversion block to change the input data type.

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