Standard deviation error bars not in the centre of the bar

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So I have produced a bar chart for some preliminary data, and attempted to plot error bars with the value of 1SD (see below). However, not all my error bars have there middle on the top of my columns, some appearing asymetrical and others appearing within the bar itself. What have I done wrong here?
%Insert data
data = [20000 0 200; 0 400 1200; 1400 200 2400; 200 400 3400];
%Group titles
titles = categorical({'C 10:1', 'U 10:1', 'U 30:1', 'U 100:1'});
%Calculate Mean and Standard Deviation
average = mean(data,2);
S = std(data,[],2);
%Plot bar chart
attempt2 = bar(titles,average,'FaceColor','none');
hold on
%Make SD error bars
eb = errorbar(average,S,'Color','black');
eb.LineStyle = 'none';
% Chart details
title('CFU Exp 1, 21/07/2020 Error bars = 1SD')
xlabel('Coated or Uncoated MOI')
ylabel('No. of bacteria')
hold off


Johannes Hougaard
Johannes Hougaard 2020 年 7 月 29 日
You're just missing the y input for your errorbar. I belileve your problem will be solved by just replacing
eb = errorbar(average,S,'Color','black');
eb = errorbar(titles,average,S,'Color','black');
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Daniel Underwood
Daniel Underwood 2020 年 7 月 29 日
Thank you very much. I excluded "titles" as I thought added a categorical array would cause more problems. Turns out it was the solution!


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