Continuous Spectrogram from multiple wav files.

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Thomas Webber
Thomas Webber 2020 年 5 月 19 日
コメント済み: Thomas Webber 2020 年 5 月 19 日
Hello all,
I have been scouring the existing online help but cant seem to find exactly what I’m after. I have a folder with hundreds of 4 min wav files and want to produce a single spectrogram which contains them all. My initial thinking was to read in all wav files and somehow join them into one large file to later put into a spectrogram. Any help would be great appreciated!


Stijn Haenen
Stijn Haenen 2020 年 5 月 19 日
Something like this:
>> for i=1:numel(files)
data_tot=[data_tot ; data];
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Thomas Webber
Thomas Webber 2020 年 5 月 19 日
Thats wonderful, thankyou for your help!


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