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Audio Plugin Oversampling delay behaviour

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Pablo Panitta
Pablo Panitta 2020 年 2 月 25 日
コメント済み: Egebjerg 2020 年 3 月 13 日
I was developing a new plugin based on multibandParametricEQ algorithm engine, when I came across with the following behaviour: when oversampling option is activated, the signal is delayed with respect to the original, making a comb filter effect if we place the EQ in a parallel chnl in a DAW. The amount of delay ia around 4.3ms (as can be seen in the attached). Spectral component is not heavily impacted.
This behaviours is not present in any other well known EQ commertial plugins, wich also use oversampling process.
So, is it possible to overcome this? Why DAW does not correct this evenwhen Delay compensation feature is activated?

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Charlie DeVane
Charlie DeVane 2020 年 2 月 28 日
Hi Pablo,
Oversampling adds latency to the processing. Most DAWs can compensate for latency if the plugin reports it to the DAW. Unfortunately, MATLAB audio plugins do not supprt latency reporting.
I have heard of plugins that might solve this problem for you, such as, but I have not tried any of them myself.
hope this helps,

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Egebjerg 2020 年 3 月 7 日
It would be so nice if it was possible to set the VST 2.4 variable “setInitialDELAY()” from Matlab. It don’t need to be dynamic, a fixed parameter in “audioPluginInterface()” would be fine.
The problem is, that A/B comparison with and without a plugin is difficult when using the DAW’s build in latency compensation or for instance voxengo latencydelay, because you need to bypass both at the same time.
A not very elegant workaround is to implement a dedicated bypass within the plugin, that maintain the latency without the effect.
Charlie DeVane
Charlie DeVane 2020 年 3 月 9 日
Thanks for your feedback! I will pass it along to the development team.
Egebjerg 2020 年 3 月 13 日
Thanks :-)


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