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Multiple USB Cameras plugged in, only one found - Image Acquisition Toolbox

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Greg Klein
Greg Klein 2019 年 12 月 6 日
コメント済み: Mert Karakaya 2020 年 3 月 23 日
I have 3 PS3EYE usb cameras plugged in. I am able to grab frames from one of the cameras, but I cannot get the toolbox to find the other two.
I have tried imaqreset and rebooting the computer, but it will not find the other two.
Device manager shows:
How do I get it to see the other two?

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Urmila Rajpurohith
Urmila Rajpurohith 2020 年 1 月 10 日
It seems like the issue is with the identical names of USB cameras connected. You can rename the USB webcams by following below steps.
Here is the instance where I have a test device and USB Video device and I am changing the names and passing them back to the “webcamlist” function so that it’ll assign new names to the usb drivers. Then pass those values to the Image Acquisition Toolbox.
>> webcamlist %gets the device names of web cams connected to the pc
ans = 2×1 cell array
{'USB Video Device'}
{'Webcam Test Device'}
Renaming the 1stdevice
>> webcamlist{1} = 'sony'
webcamlist =
1×1 cell array
Renaming the 2nddevice
>> webcamlist{2} = 'nikon'
webcamlist =
1×2 cell array
{'sony'} {'nikon'}
Final Camera Devices list will be then:
>> webcamlist %reassigned values
webcamlist =
1×2 cell array
{'sony'} {'nikon'}
Now, since the names are changed, MATLAB will take them as two different variables and won’t override.

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Mert Karakaya
Mert Karakaya 2020 年 3 月 23 日
Dear Urmila,
This does not work. I chaged the names of the identical webcams to 'left' and 'right' following your suggestion but, I keep getting The camera did not return a frame for this resolution. error.

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