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Evaluating all NeuralNetworks in a cell array simultanously

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fritz 2019 年 11 月 24 日
回答済み: Sai Bhargav Avula 2019 年 12 月 9 日
i have cell array of neural networks, which are all trained.
I now want to feed one inpuct vector into all of those NN (it's the same input values for all NNs), but it needs to be done as quickly as possible as I am working on a realtime application. Does anyone have an idea about how to do that without looping through the single networks? Or possibly a different approach than saving the networks in a cell array?
Thanks in advance!

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Sai Bhargav Avula
Sai Bhargav Avula 2019 年 12 月 9 日
You can make use of the parfor to speed up the process.
The links given below will give in detailed explanation on how to make best use of parfor
Even though the given examples are for training. You can use the case just for validatation.
Hope this helps!

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