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Codegen: Remove date in header file

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Chuck Bye
Chuck Bye 2019 年 11 月 18 日
コメント済み: Ryan Livingston 2019 年 11 月 19 日
I am using
codegen -config config -o kim -d 'CodeGeneration\GeneratedCode' doKim -args args{1} getKimDefaultInputArgs
The cpp and h files have time in the header:
// MATLAB Coder version : 4.3
// C/C++ source code generated on : 14-Nov-2019 19:20:15
What option will remove the date from the source file
This is my config:
-------------------------------- Report -------------------------------
EnableTraceability: true
GenerateCodeMetricsReport: true
GenerateCodeReplacementReport: true
GenerateReport: true
HighlightPotentialDataTypeIssues: true
LaunchReport: false
ReportInfoVarName: ''
ReportPotentialDifferences: false
------------------------------- Debugging -----------------------------
RuntimeChecks: false
---------------------------- Code Generation --------------------------
BuildConfiguration: 'Faster Builds'
CodeExecutionProfiling: false
CodeProfilingInstrumentation: false
CustomToolchainOptions: [[] cell]
DataTypeReplacement: 'CBuiltIn'
FilePartitionMethod: 'MapMFileToCFile'
GenCodeOnly: true
GenerateExampleMain: 'GenerateCodeOnly'
GenerateMakefile: true
HighlightPotentialRowMajorIssues: true
MultiInstanceCode: true
OutputType: 'LIB'
PassStructByReference: true
PostCodeGenCommand: ''
PreserveArrayDimensions: false
RowMajor: false
SILDebugging: false
SILPILCheckConstantInputs: false
TargetLang: 'C++'
Toolchain: 'Automatically locate an installed toolchain'
VerificationMode: 'None'
------------------------ Language And Semantics -----------------------
CodeReplacementLibrary: 'None'
CompileTimeRecursionLimit: 50
ConstantFoldingTimeout: 40000
DynamicMemoryAllocation: 'Threshold'
DynamicMemoryAllocationThreshold: 65536
EnableAutoExtrinsicCalls: true
EnableRuntimeRecursion: true
EnableVariableSizing: false
GenerateNonFiniteFilesIfUsed: true
InitFltsAndDblsToZero: true
PreserveVariableNames: 'None'
PurelyIntegerCode: false
SILPILSyncGlobalData: false
SaturateOnIntegerOverflow: true
SupportNonFinite: false
TargetLangStandard: 'C89/C90 (ANSI)'
------------------------- C++ Language Features -----------------------
CppInterfaceClassName: ''
CppInterfaceStyle: 'Functions'
CppNamespace: ''
---------------- Function Inlining and Stack Allocation ---------------
InlineStackLimit: 4000
InlineThreshold: 10
InlineThresholdMax: 200
StackUsageMax: 200000
----------------------------- Optimizations ---------------------------
ConvertIfToSwitch: false
EnableMemcpy: true
EnableOpenMP: true
EnableStrengthReduction: false
LoopUnrollThreshold: 5
MemcpyThreshold: 64
------------------------------- Comments ------------------------------
GenerateComments: true
MATLABFcnDesc: true
MATLABSourceComments: true
Verbose: true
------------------------------ Custom Code ----------------------------
CustomHeaderCode: ''
CustomInclude: ''
CustomInitializer: ''
CustomLibrary: ''
CustomSource: ''
CustomSourceCode: ''
CustomTerminator: ''
ReservedNameArray: ''
-------------------------- Third Party Library ------------------------
CustomBLASCallback: ''
CustomFFTCallback: ''
CustomLAPACKCallback: ''
------------------------------ Code Style -----------------------------
CastingMode: 'Nominal'
CodeTemplate: []
ColumnLimit: 80
CommentStyle: 'Auto'
CustomFileNameStr: '$N$M'
CustomSymbolStrEMXArray: 'emxArray_$M$N'
CustomSymbolStrEMXArrayFcn: 'emx$M$N'
CustomSymbolStrFcn: '$M$N'
CustomSymbolStrField: '$M$N'
CustomSymbolStrGlobalVar: '$M$N'
CustomSymbolStrMacro: '$M$N'
CustomSymbolStrTmpVar: '$M$N'
CustomSymbolStrType: '$M$N'
EnableCustomReplacementTypes: false
EnableSignedLeftShifts: false
EnableSignedRightShifts: false
GenerateDefaultInSwitch: false
HeaderGuardStyle: 'UseIncludeGuard'
IncludeInitializeFcn: true
IncludeTerminateFcn: true
IndentSize: 2
IndentStyle: 'K&R'
MaxIdLength: 31
ParenthesesLevel: 'Nominal'
PreserveExternInFcnDecls: true
ReplacementTypes: [1x1 coder.ReplacementTypes]
RunInitializeFcn: true
------------------------------- Hardware ------------------------------
Hardware: []
HardwareImplementation: [1x1 coder.HardwareImplementation]
Edit Configuration Object

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Ryan Livingston
Ryan Livingston 2019 年 11 月 19 日
The CodeTemplate setting allows you to customize this. Here's an example:
Specifically, look at the %<SourceGeneratedOn> token which generates the date. You can remove that in your custom template.

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Chuck Bye
Chuck Bye 2019 年 11 月 19 日
Thanks for you help

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Ryan Livingston
Ryan Livingston 2019 年 11 月 19 日
You're welcome!



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