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Find the partial minimums in a set of values

marco mendez さんによって質問されました 2019 年 11 月 6 日
最新アクティビティ marco mendez さんによって 編集されました 2019 年 11 月 6 日
Hi everyone! I have the graphics i show you in the image and i would like to know the distance betwen the two minimum point in the middle of the graph. I mean betwen around 30 and 60. How could i find this points? I have thought I could aproximate to a polynomial function and find the minimums...

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回答者: darova
2019 年 11 月 6 日

  • Use findpeaks(-data)
  • Choose peaks that lie in 23 < x < 27 and 58 < x < 62

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marco mendez 2019 年 11 月 6 日
Nice! Thank you!!
Steven Lord
2019 年 11 月 6 日
I'd probably use islocalmin instead of findpeaks on the negative of the data.
marco mendez 2019 年 11 月 6 日
much better, thanks Steven! Although I solved it using -data...

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