F28379D-Simulink data monitoring: PWM signals

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Praveen Kumar
Praveen Kumar 2019 年 10 月 30 日
回答済み: Venkatesh Chilapur 2019 年 11 月 4 日
I am learning to use TI F28379D interface with Simulink. I saw examples of data monitoring where voltage, currents data are monitored in simulink using external mode and C2000_host_read_12M example (not clear how works).
I would like to generate a PWM signal of certain freq and is it possible to monitor it in simulink? Since ePWM block doesnt have any output pin, I cant connect any scope. I could monitor the input in external mode.


Venkatesh Chilapur
Venkatesh Chilapur 2019 年 11 月 4 日
Please check the below link for an idea on Host-Target SCI setup.
ePWM block act as driver block such that it can generate the code and run the same on the target. It has no simulation capability to show what output pattern will be generated. We can only see this output on a PWM pin on the hardware using DSO.
Venkatesh C

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