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Linux system command open a terminal.

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When I run the system('command') option it runs the command silently with no open terminal. I was wondering if there was any way to have it run in an open terminal window? Not for user input sakes, but to display information output from a long running process. I know that if I use the [status, output] = system('commoand') it will place the output of the command into output after the command has run. As this is a long process and the information displayed is estimated time remaining a real time display is useful. Any help is appreciated.

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Kojiro Saito
Kojiro Saito 님의 답변 19 Sep 2019
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In order to display information from the command, just adding '-echo' option to system command is fine.
[stat, cmdOut] = system('XXX', '-echo');
For example, when I have the following shell script.
echo 'Start'
sleep 2s
echo '2 second elapsed'
sleep 5s
echo '7 second elapsed'
I can know the prossesing status by calling it with an echo option.
[stat, cmdOut] = system('./', '-echo')
Here is a result. We can get echo messages ('Start' and 'X second elapesed') in real time.
2 second elapsed
7 second elapsed
stat =
cmdOut =
2 second elapsed
7 second elapsed

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Worked Great thanks

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